Bob Etien and Tim McKenzie
Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

The vast majority of funds contributed to the AAIE scholarship endowments come from individual Academy members. Every contribution is made in perpetuity and adds to the Scholarship Endowment of the donor’s choice. Only income is used to fund scholarships.
In order to emphasize the importance of member contributions and to show appreciation to members and spouses who contribute to the AAIE scholarship endowments, the AAIE Board established recognition levels. These levels represent CUMULATIVE contributions in excess of AAIE dues. The Board also recognizes “Friends” of AAIE representing faculty, INEG staff, and others who are not AAIE members.

• Contribution Levels Recognized


$2,000,000 Campaign

In the spring of 2015 the AAIE initiated a campaign to grow total Academy Endowments (Academic, Financial Needs & John Imhoff Global Studies) to $2,000,000.  The campaign which featured a $200,000 Matching Pool sponsored by three anonymous members received unprecedented member support and reached the $2,000,000 goal in less than three years. The Academy awarded scholarships to 51 students for the 2018-19 school year, and AAIE endowments now exceed 2.5 million.

Graduate Studies Endowment

The establishment of a new Graduate Studies Endowment, AAIE’s 4th Scholarship Endowment, was announced in the fall of 2017. To promote the initiative, anonymous members created a new $150,000 Matching Pool to serve as seed money. In the first year the Graduate Studies Endowment grew to $300,000. AAIE members now sponsor and fund Scholarship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate IE’s through four separate AAIE Endowments.